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  • LMN Scholarship Foundation provides Financial Scholarships to underserved students and have recently established the Avery Lowe Textbook Scholarship.  LMN encourages the students to pursue their dreams of obtaining a degree from a higher learning institution regardless of their current economic circumstance and/or lack of financial resources. 
  • LMN desires to keep in contact with our awardees throughout their college career as they matriculate into the leaders of tomorrow. LMN supports the students as they explore their future beyond their neighborhoods and communities, with hopes that they will have the desire to give back.  

College Tours

  • LMN Foundation recognizes the importance of education and obtaining a degree from a higher learning institution. LMN’s goal is to offer the students this life changing experience of touring a college campus to motivate them to realize it is within their reach. LMN will introduce students to campus life and let them interact with the college’s tour guides from similar social-economic backgrounds and realize that they can have the same experience. 
  • These tours are informational and the interaction with college students will motivate them to dream of attending a higher learning institution. LMN believes this experience will also help to inspire them to achieve their career goals and aspirations.   

Freshman Necessity Trunk

  • Freshman Necessity Trunk Award was created to assist students from diverse backgrounds with their transition from high school to college by providing them with a trunk full of dorm-room necessities. The Trunk includes items such as XL bed sheets, towels, comforter, pillows, hamper, throw, cleaning supplies, toiletries, school supplies, backpack, etc. This award takes the pressure off these first-year freshmen with their transition to college life. 
  • Many high school seniors come from inner city neighborhoods and only have enough financial aid to cover their tuition, room, and board.  LMN is dedicated to helping first-year freshmen with making this transition and providing them with the necessities of campus life. The total cost to provide a first-year freshman with a Necessity Trunk is approximately $875.00 and LMN would like to encourage you to make a difference to support a child and change a life.       

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ACT Preparation & Workshop

  • LMN Scholarship Foundation is committed to serving low-income high school students in the Memphis area improve their ACT scores and college-admissions prospect. The volunteer tutors will include educators and college students to assist students with test-prep and college mentoring during the academic year for high school juniors & seniors. 
  • With the push for college completion, particularly amongst first generation students, LMN believes in making a difference in the lives of these students.  

Recipent of Scholarship Award

Awardees Deunte Jefferies and Keirra McGlown received announcement that they each have been awarded a $500 Financial Scholarship and Freshman Necessity Trunk.

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